Ultimate Guide for Best Web Hosting Solution

To pick the most appropriate hosting service for your web portal, you must reckon what server-side software programs it requires, how many visits per day you anticipate at the beginning and in the long run, as well as any other special requirements that may need to be covered.

Shared web hosting – perks

The most appropriate alternative for small scale web portals with a few hundred or a few thousand viewers is a shared website hosting account. With this form of hosting, each customer pays only for their plan, which diminishes the overall cost per user significantly. There are diverse shared web pages hosting accounts differing from one web hosting company to another, supplying different quotas of web space and bandwidth, different electronic mail account quotas and so on. The privilege is that you can pay for a plan that will have the features your online portal requires. You will not have to pay lots of money for a package you will not use or end up with a small package that cannot accommodate the web page.

Shared hosting – drawbacks

A negative aspect of the shared web space hosting environment is that the web hosting servers have you have to share your resources with other users. Some sites, especially web stores, need software applications to be available on the server for them to run, and with a shared web hosting plan, you can activate only software platforms that do not demand full server root access.

Virtual private servers and dedicated servers

For online portals that demand full root access, or if your site has many thousands or even millions of viewers per day, what you require is Virtual Servers or dedicated servers hosting. A VPS server is a virtual simulation of a dedicated machine and it runs in precisely the same manner.

Virtual web servers

Both platforms typically give complete root access and can be restarted via a software tool by the customer, autonomously from the web hosting company. Just like the shared website hosting plans, the VPS server web hosting and the dedicated web hosting server packages contain different features based on what the web hosting vendor has to offer. A VPS server package includes guaranteed hard disk storage space, random access memory and CPU quotas that can occasionally be extended for short periods in case there are free system resources on the physical server. With a dedicated web server, the only limitation is the hardware architecture it is making use of, and it can be revamped by altering or adding components. A Virtual Private Server is easier to run as it ships with a virtualization tool, which can be utilized to reboot it, to install applications, explore statistics, etc. The management of a dedicated server is more elaborate, so such a solution would rather be used by competent users.

Dedicated web servers

Nonetheless, some hosting providers provide managed dedicated server hosting solutions where they implement dedicated hosting server management operations instead of the customer. This can be a part of the plan or an extra service.

Before reaching a decision

Selecting the best web hosting package is vital as it can affect the stable work of a web page. Before choosing a package, weigh the pros and cons, appraise thoroughly all the requirements for the website to perform properly, especially if it is script-powered, and, last but not least, if you have already chosen a web hosting firm, the best choice would be to ask their support team for a suggestion as to which plan exactly would be best for the stable functioning of your web site.

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