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What's an IP Address?

An IP (internet protocol) address is a unique identifying number that can be associated to a device, such as a specific computer or computer network. When the device is connected to the internet, it’s the IP address that enables it to send and receive information that identifies a device on the internet or a local network. An IP address was basically numerical, however, letters have now been added to some IP addresses due to internet usage growth.



What is IPv4

IPv4, which is widely used in data communication across different kinds of networks, is the fourth revision of the internet protocol.It’s based on the best-effort model and used in packet-switched layer networks such as Ethernet that is connectionless. IPv4 provides identification for devices as the logical connection between them, and can be configured manually or automatically with all kinds of devices, but this is largely due to the network type.


What is IPV6

IPv6 has come up as a better version of the internet protocol, which can be used to locate and identify devices across the internet. For internet communication to work, it’s necessary to identify any device through its particular IP address. It works in just the same way, you can use street addresses and zip codes to deliver a letter. IPv6 protocol with eight numbered strings and alphanumeric is separated by a colon, and consists of 128-bits. IPv6 enhances an unimaginable 340, 282, 366, 920, 938, 463, 463, 374, 607, 431, 768, 211, 456 unique IP addresses.

Public vs. private IP addresses

When interacting with the internet, public IP addresses are basically used, while private IP addresses work with a local network. Both of them, however, allow devices to communicate with each other. Operations on a typical network require the router to use a public IP address to identify the user to the rest of the internet; this ensures that emails, websites, streaming content, and other data correctly get to the user. Within the network, however, there are assorted devices and the router has to assign each device a unique private IP address, to ensure that it can send data to the device that’s actually requesting it. This calla for private IP address to enhance direct communication. Summing up the difference between public and private IP addresses, the public IP address enhances global reach and uses a numeric code that no other device reuses, while the private IP address enhances an internal reach and a non-unique code that can be reused by other devices within the private network.

How Can I Find My IP Location?

Getting an IP location depends on the device, in windows for instance, you use the command search prompt – search for cmd. This works when you click to get the Command Line. Type ipconfig in the returning pop-up box, then return. What you get will be more than just the IP address: you’ll see the IPv4 address, the IPv6 address if your device supports that, the subnet mask, and your router which is the Default Gateway. Above the row of data in the middle, you will see the type of connection, like “Wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi.” or “Ethernet adapter.”

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